Conditions of purchase
Conditions of purchase

Booking conditions of Hotel Pyrénées

Booking online directly with us has advantages:
1. Obtain the Best Rate Guaranteed.
2. Without booking costs.
3. No prepayments needed (except in special dates).
4. We take into account your comments / petitions.

What is the Best Rate Guaranteed? You can book a room in our hotel through many different Internet channels, however we guarantee that you will never find a lower rate than the offered directly at our official website If for any circumstance you could find a better final rate through another Internet channel, under the same conditions of the reservation made with us directly (specified in the Terms & Conditions), we offer you the best final rate that you fave found, plus a 10% discount.

When and how can you apply for the discount? When: Maximum 48 hours after the moment you make your booking at and 24 hours before your arrival to the hotel.

1. Send an e-mail with an image where it can be seen the website offering the better final rate, than the booked or published in our website to (To capture the image, press "Print Screen/PetSis" o "PrtSc key" o "Command-Shift-4", and paste it on a image editor).
2. Add the related booking information: Familly name and name of the holder of the initial booking. Booking confirmation number . Telephone number and e-mail. Exact address of the website where you found the better rate and the rate itself. In 2 working days you will recieve an answer by e-mail. The guest must obtain an online confirmed booking through

The rate in another website must be found 48 hours after you have obtained our booking confirmation and must match the same conditions of the final rate booked with us directly.
- Same meal plan
- Same number of people
- Same type of room and bed kind
- Same period and dates
- Same sales conditions and cancellation policy

The comparable rate must be accesible through the Internet and checked by the Pyrénées Hotel: 
- The comparable rate must include taxes
- Offline rates
- Promotional packs
- Rates not guaranteed publicly (business rates, group rates...)
- Rates published in opaque websites (webs that do not identify the hotel's name, exact address or do not show mavailabilty until the user has payed).
- Rates that may contain mistakes due to a website malfunction

IMPORTANT COMMENTS: Pyrénées Hotel will not be responsible, in any case, for penalties or other costs that could apper caused by cancellations or mistakes in the published rates of other websites. In case the application of the "Best Rate Guranteed" comprises mutiple nights, the Best Rate will apply to the resulting final price of the whole period and not to the partials.

Pyrénées Hotel can always modify or cancel the Terms and Conditions for the present offer. If you have any doubts concerning the Best Rate Guranteed do not hesitate to contact us at